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Top 10 reasons to use social media marketing

Top 10 reasons to use social media marketing

Everyday billions of people use social media. The internet allows us to connect with people who we would never be able to in the past. With this in mind, here are my top 10 reasons to use Social Media Marketing.

1. Advertise on an even playing field

In the past micro-businesses couldn’t compete with big businesses as they did not have the same buying power of advertising space. Now we can set an affordable budget and only pay per click. This means you only pay for people who are interested in your ad.

2. People can find you

Looking to increase your website traffic but not sure how? With over a billion people using social media, advertising on social media allows people to find your business and to get more eyeballs on your site.

3. You can target your audience specific to your needs

Create a buyer persona to speak directly to your target audience. Knowing who you want to speak to and having an image of them in your mind when you are creating content will bring clarity as to who you are writing for.

4. Budget for all types

You get to set the budget and control how long you want the campaign to run for. Marketing is an expense that every business must do to survive. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands on every ad campaign, in fact some social media ad campaigns can start from $3.00 per day.

5. Build credibility with your audience.

Social media allows your audience to get to know you building credibility and trust. Most businesses these days will have at least one social media profile. By engaging on a consistent basis your audience learns about who you are and what you offer. When it comes time for them to make a decision to purchase, your company will be front of mind because of your social media marketing efforts.

6. Connect with others

Social media marketing allows others to connect with you and for you to find others with similar likes and interests. As you interact and engage with your customers, you give your brand a voice.

7. Increase your reach

The more you engage on your social media platform the more you build rapport with others. When people like, follow or comment on your page they are signalling to the social media platforms that there is worthwhile content here and your organic reach will grow.

8. Grow your business

Your business will grow organically as people start to recognise your brand and trust you. When people trust they are more likely to purchase, become advocates, and leave reviews for your business.

9. Improve your SEO

By using targeted keywords in your social media marketing plan your website traffic will increase. This is such an important step in the social media marketing process. Learn which keywords are beneficial to you and look for opportunities to use them when writing your content.

10. Social media marketing is for everyone!

Whether you are a sole trader or a CEO of a global company, social media marketing is for you. Social media marketing should be part of every digital content marketing strategy so you can reach your audience using proven cost-effective techniques. Social media marketing is one part of your marketing strategy, but it is a very important one. Social media is here to stay, so let’s take advantage of the opportunities that await us.

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