About Me


I believe in :

*   Connecting with your audience through engaging content

*  Improving your organic reach on social media
(which in turn helps your business search engine optimisation)

* Growing your business the way you want to

Susie Basiaco

Your Social Media Strategist

For six years, I ran my own business.

One day I realised I enjoyed the social media side more than the business itself and changed direction.

The Social Nest was born. I really care about connecting with you and your online community, creating quality content and growing your business on social media. It’s more than a job for me, it’s a passion.

Yes, that’s right, growing your business the way you want to. Plans tailored to suit your needs right now. Plans that can change with your business. Individual pieces of work if it suits you. I’m in business too, and I know the importance of flexibility.

I know that business and life are intrinsically mixed. I’m a mum myself, and a wife, a friend, a person with interests outside of work. Flexible service plans, honest advice, quality product and excellent customer service are things I rely on as a customer, so I provide them as a business.

For more of my thoughts on social media strategies, content creation,
and even a little bit more about who I am and why I do what I do,
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My Purpose

My purpose is to help you, a business owner, to develop confidence in knowing your customer base – by developing key social media objectives, strategies and project plans.

My Vision

My vision is to create confident business owners who have effective social media strategies, to engage new audiences and increase business growth.

My Values

I have created a business that is client-focused.
I believe in empowering you, by helping you navigate through the challenges of social media through sharing knowledge and creating results-orientated strategies.

I strive to build community through authentic connections and effective communication.

I believe in using ethical and financially sustainable practices to grow and operate my business.

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