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Social Media for Small Business – Make Your Bio Count

Did you know that your social media bio is not just the window to your business, but also assists potential clients to find you, both on the platform, and through google? What you write and the way you write it matter! Get the best results possible when using social media for small business by following these simple tips to make your bio count.

Be consistent with your name, title and photo

I often talk with my clients about the need for consistency in marketing. Consistency builds trust and confidence. It also makes sure your potential clients recognise you. 

Consistency across platforms means having the same profile picture on all your accounts and using the same name and job title or business description. When you think about your job title or business description, make sure you use a description that is as clear as possible, and as close to what people will be searching for as possible. In-jokes and puns might be fun, but you will need to work much harder to be found.

For example, if your name is Betty Boo, and you are a Herbal Medicine Practitioner, that is exactly what you should say in your name and title on every platform. Every touch point a client has with you improves their awareness of your brand. Don’t leave customers wondering whether that 2nd contact on Linked In, Elizabeth Boo is the same as the Betty Boo they have been following on Instagram for a year. 

Be platform specific for your about section

Name, title and photo exactly the same for recognition, but your longer about section should be a little platform specific. This is partly about length, as LinkedIn and Facebook have much longer character allowances than Instagram and some others, but it’s also about audience. 

I suggest you start by writing one about section then just altering it as necessary for each platform.

Bio for Instagram: Instagram is a great example of the need to be platform specific. Not only does it have a shorter character limit, it also encourages the use of emoticons and is the only place on Instagram that you can have a direct link to your LinkTree or Website. Make the most of this link opportunity, use the emoticons relevantly and sparingly, and most importantly – use your key words. Get your message across clearly in the space you have.

Consider Search Engine Optimisation

Many social media platforms have their own search engines, and some come up in the google algorithm too. Remember, writing with SEO in mind is no different to writing with your customer avatar in mind. Use your key words because they are clear and easy for both.

Bio for LinkedIn: When it comes to LinkedIn take your bio efforts one step further, helping SEO for your page and making you look just that tiny bit more professional by customising your profile URL to include them. 

Hook your audience with the first sentence

In a digital world, and a fast-paced life, most of us are much shorter with our attention than we used to be. This means you only have a second or two to catch a reader’s interest. Put the most important information in the top line on Instagram, the first line or paragraph of your about section. By important information, I mean the same stuff we have just talked about for SEO because they should be the clear description of what you do. 

Bio for Facebook: Facebook gives you a mere 255 characters for your main section, but they have many other sections you can complete. Be sure to include your service or product, your hours, prices, and anything relevant to your business. 

Review your bio regularly

Just as you should be sure to add new information as added in Facebook, you should also update your bio when you change. Redirected a little over the past 12 months, upskilled or niched down? Your bio, on all your platforms needs to reflect this. 

Have you checked your bio lately?

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