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Want to Grow Your Followers on Instagram? Build Your Brand in 5 Easy Steps

Want to grow your followers on Instagram in 2021? Build your brand in 5 easy steps.


1. Build Authority

Share what you know. You have a wealth of information that others want to know about. Let people know who you are and what you do. As you increase your brand awareness people will begin to trust you. Whether you are a service-based or product-based business, you can share with clients your top tips, how to guides and videos to share your knowledge. Evaluate your posts. Can you tell what you do just from the images you use? You want your content to tell the story of who you are and what you do.


2. Know your audience well and write content for them

Do you know who you are writing for? Make sure you write content for your target audience and make your content engaging, entertaining and inspiring. When writing content use a mix of images to promote your brand. You can use behind the scenes photos, how to videos, Instagram stories, inspirational posts, and educational tips. You don’t have to create all the images yourself. You can use images and photos but remember to credit them if they are not yours. You can also ask customers to post photos of themselves using your products. Use before and after posts, product review posts and share testimonials which can all be used to help promote your brand and to show others who you are.


3. Have a clear call to action.

Make sure your sales funnel is implemented for your call to action. You want your bio link to go directly to your products if you have a product-based business, or to an email subscribe here page if you are a service-based business. Encourage your viewers to take the next step by using a call to action – send them to your website, get them to sign up for an event or offer a discount code when they sign up to an email subscription.


4. Promote and build your community

If you do a shout out towards another business, they are likely to view your profile and in turn comment on your post. You want to get as many people sharing your content as possible. Tag, like and share on other posts. Your goal is to develop a community of followers who genuinely want to engage with you.


5. Share your successes and celebrate milestones

Celebrate milestones with your audience. Share any successes that you and your team have recently achieved. Sponsored a community event recently? Now have 1000 followers? Share your achievements and let your audience celebrate with you.


Social media can be a great tool to grow your business. If you would like to find out more book a free appointment to discuss your needs.

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