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12 Days of Social Media at Christmas

On the first day of (my social media) Christmas, my business gave to my (clients)…


Ok, let’s leave the singing to the original. Let’s look instead at the practicalities of how you can make the first 12 (or 24) days of December work for your business on social media this year!


Social Media at Christmas comes back to the same four content pillars as at any other time of the year, but with a Christmas twist. The pillars are Education, Inspiration, Entertainment and Sales. Sales should only really be there once a week. If you post about each pillar once a week you should develop a rather healthy social media profile.


I’m going to show you how that might look for your business, with some real examples and some hashtags along the way. This may be the 12 days of Christmas, and if you are a large business who is regular on Socials, please go ahead and use them as a repeatable pattern of 12. If you are smaller, post every second day so this becomes the 24 days of Christmas and mix it up as necessary to match the hashtags.


1. Social Media Sales Post – let them know what you have to offer

#XmasGifts – Wednesday 1 December

I’m assuming you have already been building a little know, like and trust with your followers on socials? If so, the 1st of December is a great time to launch something new, offer a Christmas special or promote something you think will make a great Christmas present. Start the Christmas season by solving the problem of what to buy someone (make sure you are clear who!).

Using #XmasGifts instead of #ChristmasGifts puts you in front of a smaller audience but with less competition so you will hold in the feed that little bit longer.


Wednesday is also a good day to jump into any groups you may be a member of and spend a little time responding to #WantedWednesday Posts by sharing what you have that is relevant.



2. Social Media Education Post – share last year’s tip or invite a discussion

#ThrowbackThursday #XmasMovies – Thursday 2nd December

What were you doing as a business this time last year? Or as a person? Take the opportunity to share last year’s tip, or a personal anecdote to build some connection with your audience.


Alternatively, keep it festive. #XmasMovies is great for starting a conversation. Pick one from your own past, share a little anecdote to connect with your audience and educate them as to why it’s the best. Then invite readers to respond with their own favourite.


3. Social Media Entertainment Post – or a giveaway?

#FridayFun or #Christmasgivaway #XmasGivaway – Friday 3rd December

Dig out one of your images, grab your favourite humorous quote and share it. Maybe it will tickle the fancy of your audience and they will share it also. You will be surprised how the right humour can get more shares than even the most useful tip.


Alternatively, entertainment is great, but giveaways are better! Who doesn’t like a chance to win? Bonus points if you can make your #FridayFun also a #ChristmasGivaway!


4. Social Media Inspirational Post – Christmas style

#Inspirational #ChristmasInspiration #XmasInspiration – Saturday 4th December

It’s the weekend, try a simple inspirational post today. I know, they can feel overdone sometimes, but trust me, they can also be your most popular post of the week.


Keep it relevant to your business. Keep it in line with your values. Use it to share a little about your style and taste. You’ve got this!


5. Social Media Sales Post – with a local hashtag twist if relevant

#Xmaslove #hardtobuy #canberragifts – Sunday 5th December

As long as you have covered the Entertainment, Education, and Inspiration posts over the last few days, you are right to share another sales post today. Maybe try to add a little local flavour if you are a small business.

Whilst Sunday is not always the most popular day to be on social media, you know your customer avatar best. Perhaps they will be jumping onto Instagram or Facebook this evening to avoid thinking about work tomorrow. Keep the tone friendly and fun as they are likely there for entertainment or to catch up with what their friends did for the weekend.

And remember to solve a pain point for them with your sales post. Eg. Still struggling with ideas for Dad this year? Need a last-minute Secret Santa gift for Alan in accounting?


6. Social Media Motivational Post

#MotivationalMonday #XmasInspiration – Monday 6th December

Another inspirational style post – doesn’t matter that we are a little out of order, the important thing is the gap between sales posts!


Consider how much Christmas your audience want to see. If you know your business ramps up this time of year because you sell amazing Christmas goodies, keep it festive and roll with #XmasInspiration. If you think your audience might need a break (or need one yourself), go with a bit of a traditional motivational post.


7. Social Media Education Post – Christmas themed if possible

#TopTipTuesday #XmasTips – Tuesday 7th December

Show your thought leadership, or simply share something others may not know that is at least partially related to your product or your wider brand. Consider a Top 5 ways to style the Christmas table if it matches your brand or product. Better yet, create some video content showing people how to do it. A great day to share your latest monthly blog to socials!


If you have a business where you can make it relevant, this is a great opportunity to get on board with #XmasTips and trend a little on the Christmas bandwagon.


8. Social Media Entertainment Post – Jokes, Fun, Local

#XmasJokes #CanberraChristmas – Wednesday 8th December

We’re back to entertainment. Play around a little here. Have some fun.


Maybe target hyper local audiences, eg. #CanberraChristmas or your product with your hashtags.


The ideas are endless. Just keep it on brand, and you won’t go wrong.


9. Social Media Entertainment Post – Or Motivational

#ThankfulThursday #ChristmasTradition #XmasTradition – Thursday 9th December

Try sharing what you are grateful for today. Christmas can be a hard time for many so you might also use this as an opportunity to highlight a charitable tradition you have, tagging a charity you support at Christmas. Also, a good time to share something about your own family traditions if you have something you would like to share with the world.


10. Social Media Sales Post

#XmasPresents #Christmas2021 – Friday 10th December

Don’t leave your final sales post too close to the actual day! If you are posting a physical gift, you might give a ‘post cut-off date reminder’. Or an ‘it’s not too late for an e-gift card’ suggestion. Keep it real and don’t offer what you can’t promise to fulfil in time for the big day.

Alternatively, if you are past post cut off, or sold out already, consider #FollowFriday. Simply tag a list of businesses you follow, or your audience follows. This boosts engagement and will encourage others to follow you back.


Why #Christmas2021 instead of #Christmas? Because it reaches a smaller Audience so you will be in the stream for longer improving your chance of engagement.


11. Social Media Education Post – Behind the scenes in December

#SelfieSaturday #Xmasparty – Saturday 11th December

The Festive season gives us lots of opportunities to tag ourselves and others at gatherings. Got a Christmas lunch with your co-workers? Take a selfie and tag them.


Maybe suggest you tag each other while you are still there and give the venue a shout out too. Sharing the love means receiving the love. If you are not out and about, stick with something educating, and fun. Behind the scenes photos on how you spend your Saturdays for example. Educating clients about what business is really like for you during the festive season.


12. Social Media Inspiration Post

#SelfCareSunday – Sunday 12th December

Self Care is really important during the festive season. You may want to use a list of ways to take time out at this time of year. Don’t be afraid to use #XmasTradition again! A particular album you always revisit, holiday you take, friend you call.


And don’t forget to actually take some self care too – maybe take the photo and share it as an excuse to read that book, put your feet up or take that walk.


Now… Where did I put my book?

If all this planning is out of your genius zone, and you would like some help planning your 2022 social media, book a discovery call with me today!

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